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braveheart william wallace trail tour

The Braveheart Tour

Wallace, Bruce & The Wars of Independence

 Braveheart Tour From Glasgow

On the Braveheart Tour I take you to many of the places that played a part in the life of Scottish warriors and heros, Sir William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce. Most closely associated with the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 where he defeated Edward I (Longshanks) of England, there was much more to the legend of Wallace than Mel Gibson was able to portray in the movie Braveheart. Visit Stirling Castle (an English garrison at the time of the battle), the National Wallace Monument (where you can view his original sword) situated on the Abbey Craig where Wallace watched the movements of his adversaries before the battle and Stirling Bridge itself. Legend has it that Wallace's dismembered body was secretly buried by the Monks of Cambuskenneth Abbey, here I can show you the exact tombstone said to mark his grave. Did Robert the Bruce betray Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk? That one is open for debate but he certainly did not let his country down 16 years later at the Battle of Bannockburn, at the visitor centre here you can immerse yourself in the field of battle using a computer generated theatre of war. - just make sure that you are on the winning side! Other notable landmarks that can be incorporated into a Braveheart Tour are the Wallace Well near Glasgow where he was betrayed and captured, the remains of Wallace's home in Elderslie and the Battle of Falkirk Memorial site.

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