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Tour & Hike Scotland

Guided Touring & Hiking

Tour & Hike Scotland

Welcome to a new and unique concept in touring. On a tour & hike itinerary you get the best of both worlds, touring in the morning & trekking in the afternoon, or vice versa if you prefer. And the best bit is, if the weather is not to your liking, instead of hiking you can take an additional half-day's touring, at no extra cost, so your day is not a total wash out! This way of touring allows you to see the best of Scotland from the road and then indulge in your passion for walking and see some of the best of Scotland off-road!

As an experienced tour guide and hiker I can show you the off-the-beaten-track areas of Scotland, both on the road and on the trail, that many don't get to see. You can choose to hike with me as your guide, or you can self-guide, either way you have the security of knowing that I will be close by, at the end of a two way radio. You will also be provided with a map of the route, compass and a full run down on the landscape, weather forecast, duration of the walk etc. Your safety is something that I take very seriously, so that you can relax and enjoy the scenery without worrying about the small details. After your hike I will drop you off at your accommodation for the night, where you can start to look ahead to the next day's adventure.The 'Tour & Hike' itineraries are very varied in topography and location, ranging from coastal walks, riverside paths, forest trails to hill and mountain trekking. I try to offer a choice of at least two different walks at each destination. Each trail is generally between two and five hours duration, depending on your fitness, and most are waymarked.

If you would like more information on Tour & Hike Scotland then please email me at or use the contact form.

More information coming soon - watch this space!

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