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Scotland, England & Wales Tour

For a tour of Scotland, England & Wales I would suggest allowing a minimum of one week to ensure at least two days in each country. There are various types of tours that would fit the criteria for seeing these three ancient nations:

1) A lakes and mountains tour could include the West Highlands of Scotland, the Scottish Southern Uplands, the English lake district, Snowdonia National Park and the Brecon Beacons, both in Wales.

2) A town and city orientated tour could include Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Durham, York, Chester, Liverpool, Colwyn Bay, Caernarfon, Cardiff

3) Learn about the history of the British Isles, from the Romans up to the 21st Century by touring some of the most historical sites in England, Wales & Scotland such as Stirling Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Hadrian's Wall, York Minster, the city of Bath, Stonehenge, Cardiff Castle, Warwick Castle, Stratford-on- Avon, Wells Cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral etc.

Of course you could mix and match elements from each, I can draw up a bespoke itinerary for your unique Scotland, England & Wales Tour to create a tailor made trip unique to you.

My tip; even if you are not that interested in history, you cannot fail to be impressed by Hadrian's Wall, a 2000 year old, mostly intact stone wall built by the Romans to keep out the tribes of Scotland. In the second century AD, the Roman Empire was straining at the outer frontiers and it was decided to forsake Caledonia, the Roman's name for Scotland, and the smaller Antonine Wall, to retreat south to the relatively pacified Anglia (England). Hadrian's wall became one of the most heavily fortified frontiers of the empire and you can visit where these centurions and their families lived and worked. A visitor attraction that is truly worthy of its UNESCO World Heritage status.

For more information on a Scotland, England and Wales tour please email me at or use the enquiry form for a free quote

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